Water & Wastewater

Meeting the Needs of Harsh Industrial and Mission-Critical Environment

Providing clean water and wastewater services to millions is no easy feat, especially when every industrial environment imposes its own harsh conditions on system components. In water and wastewater treatment plants, cabling, connectivity and networking devices must endure high levels of humidity, grit, sludge and, in some cases, gases like hydrogen sulfide and chlorine that can cause corrosion.
These factors can wreak havoc on the mission-critical automated networks tasked with conveying signals between measuring instruments such as thermocouples, strain gauges, load cells and flow meters and the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that interpret the signals. The latter have to be able to continuously and dependably monitor and control process parameters like tank fill levels, water flow rates, water temperature, oxygen level, pH and others.
Belden understands these problems. To ensure that the information in your networks flows reliably, when and where it should, Belden offers an impressive array of products to offset any potential reliability problems. This includes a well-integrated line of cable, connectivity and networking products that have been designed and manufactured specifically to meet the hazards of harsh and severe environments like those found in the water/wastewater industry.