Machine Building

Designed to be Reliable using Leading Edge Technologies

In an industry that's always moving, increasing productivity has become a key priority in any manufacturing application. Belden works closely with system integrators and end customers in the Machine Building industry to provide technology and network communication solutions to ensure maximum availability in these highly-automated environments.
To help keep machines operating and decrease downtime, our products meet the requirements of any environment, including resistance to water and oil, torsion, vibration and shock. In environments where availability is a must, such as transport belts, assembly-cells and packaging lines, Belden's highly cost-effective, integrated solutions offer a large degree of flexibility. Individually, our products provide reliability and availability; working together they create a finely tuned signal transmission infrastructure.
Belden's extensive experience allows us to offer customized solutions using a wide range of cable, connectivity and networking products designed to meet the latest market-standards and leading edge technologies. Easy to install and configure, Belden's solutions can be customized to address specific demands, ensuring that however challenging or advanced the application, expectations are exceeded.