Finding 24/7 Solutions for Real-Time Information

Safety and efficiency are paramount to a successful coal mining operation. With coal serving as a valuable, low-cost resource for many power plants, mining operations are being equipped with sophisticated industrial controls and sensors to address environmental concerns.
Environmental conditions in a coal mine can be extremely harsh. Dust, dirt and dampness can threaten signal transmission equipment and performance. In some mines, caustic chemicals and potentially explosive ambient conditions exacerbate the threat.
In many mining applications, live video data is joining with information from sensors and industrial controls, pushing the bandwidth requirements up and causing serial technology to be upgraded to Ethernet over fiber media. Belden's cable, connectivity and networking products are preferred for their interoperability, flexibility and cost effectiveness.
With essential environmental controls running 24/7, Belden's mining solutions open up the ability to have an industry-standard common network for all real-time information, a crucial component of safe operations.