Oil & Gas

Peace of Mind with Zero Downtime

The Oil & Gas industry has to be responsive to the ever-changing 
needs of the global community. The need for quick action and consistent production is the key to stability.
That's why solutions to for industrial environment – one that imposes more harsh or severe working conditions on active device and media installations – are vital. At one time or another, the signaling components at these facilities will have to withstand the destructive effects of temperature extremes, humidity/moisture, dust, mud, oil and solvents, and the potentially corrosive effects of chemicals. As if those weren't enough, add to the list ultraviolet radiation caused by extensive sunlight, electromagnetic interference, and the ever-present danger of fire and explosion.
As a long-time leader in the industrial arena, Belden offers high-performance data and signal transmission solutions that are ideal for oil, gas and petrochemical systems that permit the desired level of control, 99.999% reliability. In the oil & gas industry, Belden products will excel in the "upstream" stages -- those offshore/onshore areas associated with exploration, extraction and production of crude oil or natural gas. Belden's solutions also benefit the "mid-to-downstream" stages, for example, in pipelines, tank farms and refineries.
In the natural gas industry, Belden's media and active devices will perform superbly at pipelines, compressor stations, LNG plants and gas-to-liquid processing plants and at tanker transports and loading and unloading terminals. Belden's industrial solutions will also surpass expectations in the refining and petrochemical industry, from separation systems to the production plants and everywhere in between.
Whether you're handling oil, natural gas or petrochemicals, Belden's cable, connectivity and networking solutions will solve your toughest problems.