Power T&D

Empowering the Industry that Powers the World

The world relies on electricity and the Power Transmission and Distribution industry delivers. As the world's population increases, the demand for energy will see significant growth. With the critical need to transmit electricity to office buildings, factories, residential areas and the public infrastructures of growing nations, high-performance, reliable products are essential.
Belden is dedicated to providing solutions that combine high availability networking technologies, industrial-strength design, flexibility and innovative cyber-security options. These solutions are engineered to support Power T&D providers from the beginning – design planning – to the end – full operations – and everything in between.
Through the use of standards-compliant hardware and software, an innovative approach to new data and data management requirements and a broad portfolio of IP technologies and cable, connectivity and networking products, Belden is working with Power T&D customers to deliver the bandwidth, redundancy, reliability and security to provide an extensible infrastructure that will serve them for years to come.