Power Generation - Wind

Lead the Way with Belden's Wind Energy Solutions

In the rapidly growing area of power generation, wind is recognized as an important source of renewable energy. Stable operations, safety and security are essential to support wind energy's expansion.
The conditions for wind power generation, however, present a unique set of challenges. Not only is it an unpredictable source of energy, the environment is also subject to temperature differences, humidity and vibrations. What's more, the environment experienced in a wind farm setting can be surprisingly harsh and extreme.
As a long-time leader in the industrial arena, Belden offers high-performance cable, connectivity and networking solutions that are ideal for wind power generation and distribution: systems that permit the desired level of control, 99.999% reliably. Additionally, Belden products are not only able to ensure maximum uptime and maximum peace of mind for your wind energy operation, but they are also available when and where you need them - anywhere in the world.
A consistent and predictable operation is absolutely critical to the commercial viability of your wind farm investment. Belden provides the resources needed to help ensure that the wind energy industry lives up to its stated goal for providing over 10% of the world's electricity by the year 2020.