Power Generation - Solar & Photovoltaic

Time to Shine: Solutions for Solar & Photovoltaic

Similar to other power generation markets, the Solar & Photovoltaic industry is projected to see significant growth as nations seek alternative power generation options. As the sun provides energy, Belden provides highly reliable industrial-grade solutions for energy management systems and networks.
At one time or another, many switches and cabling systems in power generation installations may have to withstand the potentially destructive effects of extreme temperatures, humidity or moisture, dust, mud, oil and solvents, corrosive chemicals, abrasion, vibration and ultraviolet radiation from strong sunlight. These stressors can wreak havoc on the mission-critical networks tasked with conveying signals between measuring instruments and control devices.
To provide complete peace of mind, you need the type of reliability that only Belden can provide. Belden cable, connectivity and networking products are designed, manufactured and tested for especially harsh or mission-critical environments. They are designed to give you maximum uptime and maximum peace of mind.